OGS - Gas Protection in
Every Environment

Gas Check Proving Systems for Laboratories in Schools & Colleges
Protecting Children, Students, Staff & buildings from Gas Leaks


Homesafe Gas Control

Built to meet AS/NZS 5601.1.2022
Multilayer Pipe is used as apart of the consumer piping,
Isolates the gas in a fire alarm and gas proving


Oceania Gas Safety

Gas Interlock and Gas Pressure Proving in Commercial Kitchens
Protecting Staff from Gas Leaks & Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


Boiler Room Gas Protection

The OGS range of Gas Detection & Gas Check Systems can be
customized to protect every boiler house, using a range of detection sensors.


Hazardous Gas Leaks

Detection of Gas Leaks, Carbon Monoxide Detection, Natural Gas Detection, LPG Gas Detection.

Certified to international standards AGA, UL and CE standards

· UL 61010-1, 3rd Edition, 2012-04-17
· AS 4629-2005
· IEC 61010-1:2010, 3rd Edition


Our Gas Proving (Gas Guard / Gas Check) & Gas Interlock systems are designed to meet and exceed AS/NZS standards such as AS NZS 5601.1 2022 . For safe gas installations.

Consultants & Engineers

We are dedicated to support mechanical consultants and gas fitters to help them specify and install the right equipment quickly and at the right price.

Oceania Gas Safety are here to help...

The Future of Gas Protection in Oceania

The Merlin range from OGS – Ventilation, Interlock & Gas Pressure Proving Protection.

Science Laboratory Gas Check Proving Systems

Gas Guard Pressure Proving Systems to provide Teacher Control in Science Labs, Protect the Building out of hours and most importantly ensures the safety of Children & Students.

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Boiler Room Gas Protection

Our Boiler House Gas Check / Gas Proving Systems and Gas Detection range to provide Gas Shut off in the event of Gas Leaks or Fire Alarm. All of our safety systems will protect the building 24 hours a day – 365 days a year.

Boiler Room Protection

Commercial Kitchen Protection

Gas Interlock and Gas Guard Proving Systems for commercial kitchens ensure the ventilation is running before Gas can be introduced into the kitchen. To prevent the build-up of Carbon Monoxide that can be inhaled by kitchen staff.

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