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CO2 Air Quality Monitoring

OGS CO2 X Monitor

For Commercial, Education & Domestic Applications

About the Merlin Range

Discover how the Merlin range of CO2 monitors revolutionise air quality in Australian and New Zealand buildings. The Merlin CO2 X provides a crucial role in ensuring optimal ventilation by monitoring carbon dioxide levels, crucial for maintaining a healthy environment. These monitors provide real-time data, empowering buildings to take proactive measures for improved indoor air quality. From reducing the risk of airborne contaminants to promoting occupant well-being.

CO2 monitors are essential tools for enhancing indoor air quality in Australia and New Zealand

Thanks again to OGS for looking after us so well, the units arrived on time and were super easy to install. Chris looked after us really well and it was a joy to work with him.

Dave Lloyd - All Services South Florida

We have recently installed the Mini Merlin in a local boiler room to provide carbon monoxide & natural gas protection, what a fantastic product! Quick and easy installation, we will be ordering again soon.

Tom Edwards - Mechanical Pacific

I just wanted to pass on my thanks and appreciation, Chris certainly got us out of a tight spot. The new panels arrived when he said they would and his tech advice over the phone to the installation engineer was fantastic. It’s great to get the personal touch in this day and age.

Carol Enders - Electric and Gas, Gainsville

Thanks again to OGS for the quick delivery of the 1000SW+ gas pressure proving panels & valves. The laboratories are now protected from gas leaks and the teachers have full control over the laboratory utilities. The gas pressure proving feature should be in every school, it's a great product.

Tom Jackson - Clarke Electrical