Merlin 1000Si Gas Isolation Utility Controller – Timed Control For Pits / Features

Programmable Timer Schedule

For this solution the Merlin 1000Si is to be used an isolation utility controller that controls the fire pit gas supply through a solenoid valve and interrupts the line voltage to the panel with a digital programmable timer providing a 7 day operation schedule.  If either the 1000Si controller is in alarm condition or any of the remote EPO buttons alarm the gas solenoid valve will close and will only re-energize once the fault has been cleared.

The Merlin 1000Si is an isolation controller that allows the user to control utilities to the room at any given time whilst also including built in safety features to protect the building and the people inside. Most commonly the Merlin 1000Si range controls the gas, electric or water supply using a key switch and also features variable time out functions. The Merlin 1000Si also allows for connections to existing fire alarm and building management systems. With its easy to use system status panel and labelled PCB the Merlin 1000Si is easy to install and easy to operate.

For further information on this solution please see downloads tab for CAD drawings & solution sheets.

• Key lock User control
• Gas detection
• In Built Time-out function
• Connects to existing Fire Alarm
• Easily wall mounted and labeled PCB
• Covered by Oceania Gas Safety 3 Year Warranty

• Height –  7.0 inch
• Width – 10.0 inch
• Depth –   2.4 inch

OGS Merlin 1000Si Gas Feature Product Datasheet
OGS Merlin 1000Si User Manual (English)
OGS Merlin 1000Si User Manual (French Canadian)
Programmable Timer Schedule Control Wiring Diagram
Outdoor Fire Pit & Grill Gas Safety Solution