Merlin 1000V Gas Pressure Proving System

The Merlin 1000V Gas Check / Gas Proving system is designed for use in School, Colleges and any public buildings that need gas pressure proving. This Gas Proving panel is to be used to carry out a gas proving test on the pipe work in order to highlight if there is a gas appliance open or a gas leak downstream of the gas solenoid valve. The Merlin 1000V is designed to give the user full control over the incoming gas supply with the lockable key-switch operation. In built connectivity allows for connection to existing fire alarm and building management systems and with its easy to use system status panel and labeled PCB the Merlin 1000V is easy to install and easy to operate.

The Merlin 1000V can work in conjunction with carbon dioxide, natural gas, carbon monoxide and LPG sensors. The Merlin 1000V also has a built in “timeout” facility which will automatically shut off the gas solenoid valve at the end of a specific time period, this time period can be adjusted to the suit the application.

• Can work in conjunction with a Merlin CO2 Monitor.
• Protects people and property by testing for leaks before allowing the gas on.
• Reliable method of pressure proving using the gas pressure transducer.
• Key switch operation gives teacher full control.
• Quick proving test, typically 30 seconds from switch on to ready for use.
• Adjustable Time out facility
• Low pressure indication, continual monitoring of gas pressure.
• Clear LED display for system indications.
• Compatible with both BMS and fire alarm systems.
• Straightforward to install and calibrate, the Merlin 1000V can be easily adjusted to the user’s requirements.
• Covered by Oceania Gas Safety 3 year warranty.

• Height –  178mm
• Width – 254mm
• Depth –   62mm

OGS Science Laboratory Brochure – English
OGS Merlin 1000V Datasheet & Wiring Rev8

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