Merlin CO2 24hr AVG TFT Monitor

The Merlin CO2 AVG Monitor has a TFT display to show the user a clear and precise reading of the CO2 level in the room and average CO2 level over 24 & 8 hours. The monitor also provides statistics for the highest reading over a 24 hour period along with a colour system indicating the air quality in the area.

• TFT Colour display providing live digital CO2 levels.
• The Screen changes colour on the increase and decrease of CO2 levels.
• Ambient light sensor changes screen brightness.
• Tough button to provide on/off screen control.
• 110-120v AC Mains Powered
• Quick to install with no setup requirements.
• Integral terminal outputs to activate mechanical ventilation.
• 2 Year Warranty.

• Height – 3.7inch
• Width – 5.2inch
• Depth – 1.3inch