OGS CO2 X Monitor

For gym areas to provide a clean breathing environment & energy saving solution

The OGS CO2 X is designed to monitor carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air, local temperature and can be used to provide not only a clean breathing air environment but also an energy saving solution.

Typically, in gym areas a mechanical fan constantly runs on a low speed until an occupant sensor detects movement and ramps up the fan to the pre-set setting. To provide an energy/cost saving on the energy used by a mechanical fan, the OGS CO2 X can be used to automatically ramp the fan speeds up and down dependent on the levels of CO2 & temperature in the room therefore saving on the overall use of electricity.

• CO2 measured and displayed in parts per million (ppm).
• Temperature can be displayed in degrees Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F).
• 0-10V Signal Output progress bar display.
• Monitor, record and display average CO2 concentration over 8 hour periods.
• User friendly settings menu.
• Pre-alarm and alarm relay output.
• Fan controller enabled relay output.
• Dual power 110-240V AC or 24V AC.
• End of Life and Fault notifications for CO2 sensing element.
• Automatically switch between ventilation programs when gas is used.
• Boost, Mute and Wake Up button.

• Height – 5.5inch
• Width – 3.74inch
• Depth – 1.18inch

OGS CO2 X User Manual (English)
OGS CO2 X Monitor Product Datasheet
Gym Air Quality & Energy Saving Solution