Merlin CS1 Single Current Switch

The Merlin CS1 is a method used for interlocking a kitchens gas supply with the ventilation system. As an alternative to air pressure differential switches the CS1 is designed to monitor the current going to a single ventilation fan. When the fan is running and a current is being drawn along the live feed, a magnetic field is induced through the coil and the current switch will send a closed contact along two low voltage cables to any OGS controller. Gas can now be introduced into the kitchen.

The Merlin CS1 carries a 3 Year OGS warranty and is fully supported by our technical team.

  • Single current switch – most commonly used to monitor the current of a fan.
  • 0.085 amp-50 amp current range.
  • Straight forward to install and calibrate.
  • 3 Year OGS warranty.

OGS Merlin CS1 Single Current Switch Product Datasheet