Merlin PM2 Double Current Monitor

The Merlin power monitor is a method used for interlocking a kitchens gas supply with the ventilation system. As an alternative to pressure differential switches the PM2 is designed to monitor the current going to a ventilation fan. When the fan is turned on the PM2 monitors the electrical current going to the fan motor, when there is sufficient current going to the fan monitor the PM2 sends a signal back to the Merlin system indicating the fan is running. Gas can now be introduced into the kitchen.

The Merlin PM2 carries a 3 Year OGS warranty and is fully supported by our technical team.

  • Reliable method of interlock, with no moving parts there is little to go wrong.
  • Interlock with up to 2 fans using the two built in current monitors.
  • 0.5a-20a current range.
  • Straight forward to install and calibrate.
  • The PM2 can be easily adjusted to the users requirements.
  • 3 Year OGS warranty.

OGS Merlin PM2 Product Datasheet
OGS Merlin PM2 User Manual User & Installation Guide