OGS Homesafe


The OGS Homesafe is designed for buildings and dwellings in Australia and New Zealand where Multilayer Pipe is used as part of the consumer piping. New buildings with multilayer pipe and modification of consumer piping in existing buildings with multilayer pipe will now require automatic isolation in the event of a fire. In the form of an class 1 automatic shut-off valve interlocked to a fire safety system

AS/NZS 5601.1.2022 States the following;

5.2.11 Provision of Fire Emergency Isolation for Multilayer Pipe

Where Multilayer pipe is used as a part of consumer piping, the following requirements for fire emergency isolation shall apply.

  • (a) The installation shall be fitted with a system that will shut off the gas supply when the fire safety system operates.
  • (b) The method of isolation shall be a single class 1 safety shut off valve that meets AS4629 and automatically isolates the gas supply.
  • (c)The system shall provide pressure proving of the down steam installation prior to restoration.

The OGS Homesafe will isolate the gas supply in the event of a fire alarm activation. When the system is reset it will perform a downstream gas pressure proving test on the pipework to check for any leaks before the gas is restored.

OGS Homesafe Brochure

OGS HSGC Datasheet

Please contact Oceania Gas Safety or your local representative for further information.