Tornado Shelter Control

Product Description

For this application, the Merlin 1000SW+i is utilized to provide control over a tornado shelter. The keyed authority panel features three control touch buttons in a single door enclosure with a wooden back. A 4th button will also be utilized in a separate enclosure.  The Merlin CO2-X monitor can also be used to continuously monitor the air quality and activate fan motors as the levels of CO2 rise.


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• Button 1 is used to activate the access control system to lock down electronic latching shelter doors.
• Button 2 is used to control the louver roll up doors located in various areas of the shelter space. The button will also close control the exhaust fans.
• Button 3 is used to control the gas shut off via a gas solenoid valve.
• Button 4 is featured on a separate enclosure and can be used to to control water.

• Height – 7.0 inch
• Width – 10.0 inch
• Depth – 2.4 inch