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American Gas Safety – Utility Controllers

Innovative solutions that save you time and money:
Why smart customers keep choosing OGS over the competition

For more than 30 years, OGS have been leading the market for high quality Gas Safety Systems. Our switched-on customers know why we are the best, but those new to the product range might be wondering what makes us so different from our competitors.

Here are 3 huge reasons:

We use cutting-edge design innovation

By using the latest high quality manufacturing systems available we can ensure that our products are top of the range and designed to last. While products offered by our competitors, are outdated and bulky, we provide a clean and modern design solution. This means that we have a much smaller carbon footprint than competitors and all of our advanced products come with built in safety features. Providing a safe environment for the educators, students and the premises.

We value efficiency saving you time & money!

All of our solutions are pre-made because we’re confident that they’ll serve your needs. We’ve perfected the design over years of valued customer feedback and we only sell only what we know works. Competitors offer an exhaustive range of complicated solutions, likely to confuse you and cause you to order excess. Not only does this often cost so much more, but the order, delivery and construction process can take weeks! It’s a tricky and costly system that relies on a number of people to get right – and it so often doesn’t.

We’ve perfected the installation process

A typical install involving a utility controller design will require some wiring changes and some connectivity changes in relation to purge fan control and BMS outputs. The clever OGS Merlin range, on the other hand, includes a single, dual and triple output controller, both with and without unique pressure sensing technology. We chose 120 vac outputs for the whole range to allow you to connect multiple solenoids into each output, passing on big cost savings on larger projects. The 120 vac outputs keep the voltage at a safer, more environmentally-friendly low level and allow for a quick and simple installation process. There are some important things our contractors make sure to do onsite, like installing the valves to the solenoid enclosures and ensuring that the pipes and enclosures are carefully aligned.


At OGS we’re proud of our expert knowledge and our commitment to quality and design.

We would be more than happy to talk through the further advantages of choosing us over a competitor in more detail, so pick up the phone today. You can reach us through your local sales representative or call the OGS sales office direct on (727)608-4375.