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Gas Interlock System for Commercial Kitchens

By March 1st, 2024Oceania Gas Safety

What is a Gas Interlock system?

The Merln 1200S  Gas interlock system ensures the ventilation is running at its required level. If the ventilation fails, or is turned off the gas supply is isolated.

Is there a regulation?

Yes! AS/NZS 5601.1.2022. This standard covers general gas installations. Where required air supply to an appliance relies on a mechanical system, there shall be an interlock to cause the gas supply to the appliances to be shut off upon the failure of the mechanical air system.

It mentions “the interlock shall fail safe and it shall be proved in the no-flow state prior to start-up”
It also mentions that the interlock “be of the type that will sense actual air movement” such as an air pressure differential switch.

Can I just wire an Air Pd switch to a gas solenoid valve?

It’s not recommended. An air Pd switch can get stuck due to grease and moisture, this means the gas will always be on with no means of isolation.
Also if it’s windy weather the air Pd switches are prone to click off and on causing the gas to trip off and on becoming very irritating for the kitchen staff. Also flames can easily extinguish and create gas leaks.

What is Best Practise?

Install a OGS Merlin 1200S interlock system. It checks the Pd switch changes state when the ventilation turns on and then allows the gas on. It eliminates nuisance tripping it has a built in delay to ensure windy days don’t affect the operation. Interlock systems can also be connected to fire alarms and fire suppression systems.

The Merlin 1200S interlock system has a built in emergency stops as standard to isolate the gas in the event of an emergency and are recommended to be installed with our GoldSeal gas valves.

Our kits are simple and very cost effective. They include a 1200s panel, 2 x air pressure differential switches, 1 x remote emergency shut-off button and options for a Goldseal gas solenoid valve Sizes ½” to 2″.

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