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Why Choose the OGS Gas Check?

By July 13th, 2023Oceania Gas Safety

Mechanical Engineers know that not all environments are the same, gas regulations change in different areas, so why choose the same gas guard?

OGS have a range of gas guards suited to for specific areas. We have a specific control panels for School Science Labs, Boiler rooms and Commercial kitchens.

Why do we do this?

We believe its vital that the user of the control panel chef, teacher, or engineer can clearly identify any warnings or faults and act to resolve them.

Where other controls panels just have a ‘Fault’ indication for all faults. The OGS range indicates a fault and explains why the fault has occurred such as “Fan Fault”, “Fire Alarm”, “Gas Detected” ect. Once you know the cause, you can focus on resolving the issue. This saves time, maintenance costs and highlights and safety issues.

Another major benefit is installation one panel suits all size gas lines and can be used with any 240v gas solenoid valve. The systems can be retro fitted on existing installations.